Zinomat is the sustainable solution for all the problems with the printbed on fdm / fff printers.
No hassle with tape, no glue, just Zinomat. Works efficiently.
To order the Zinomat-The 3D Printmat, please press the button


Zinomat webshop

3D Events


3 types of entertainment:
3D Demo on location
3D Printwall on location printing personalized GiveAway’s for public. Great entertainment for large groups.
3D Scan events, great fun to watch for audience. The perfect (thank you) present is a Mini-Me to take home.
We have a standard menu, but we can suit that to your needs.



3D Design for Business


3D designers will work out your 3D design the way you need it and ready to print the Prototype or Series.
We print in all sorts of materials and we are happy to advise you to reach the utmost result. Check our portfolio! Please call or e-mail to discuss your design and to get a price indication.

Portfolio pictures

3D Print Accessories



Find great filament and various handy parts to make your favorite prints.


Filament and More



Tulip Handheld scanner
Tulip Full body scanbooth
The results of the 3DSVP scanners is a very high standard. With the used technique almost no editing is necessary.  We offer our own software.
Contact us for a Demonstration, we can come to you or you can visit us.